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I do not take credit or blame for any healing.  I do not diagnose conditions, nor do I prescribe or perform medical treatments, nor interfere with licensed medical professionals.

Continuing Education credits are available for all classes. (Approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing - BRN #13837)

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Request for Long Distance Reiki Healing TreatmentReiki healing energy is exchanged and shared at a specific time and place designated by the practitioner and the person receiving the Reiki treatment. The practitioner and recipient both focus on the idea of healing, visualizing an image with intent and positive affirmation.

An emailed photo of the person who will be receiving the Long Distance Reiki Treatment, is helpful, but not necessary.

To receive a long distance Reiki Healing treatment, email your name, phone, whether you are a new or existing client, and what is the best time to get together or call Therese at 530-305-8872 to schedule treatments.

Long Distance Reiki- 60 minutes-  $95

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