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Experiences of a Reiki Therapist

by Therese Silva Johnson

                           My personal healing through Reiki began ten years ago. I had been in a five-year divorce battle that threatened to alienate me from my children. I was stuck, suffering, traumatized and emotionally and spiritually blocked. I had tried traditional modalities for healing, to no avail. I then received a few Reiki treatments and attunements. Immediately, I felt relief. My path opened as the Reiki energy flowed through me. The blockage that was preventing me from moving forward in my emotional and spiritual growth was removed. I was able to really love again. The Reiki healing allowed me to open my heart and forgive. Having Reiki as a tool assures me that the peace of mind and stability I have gained are here to stay. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher for the past ten years, I have been blessed to facilitate many miraculous outcomes for others. Among the healings I have had the joy of witnessing are clients’ recoveries from chronic and acute illnesses. Following are accounts of Reiki healing experienced by several of my clients, who have generously agreed to share their own Reiki healing stories.

Client Case #1

                             Brenda Generali brought me her newborn son, Joshua, who was born with Brachial Plexus (birth palsy). Due to complications during the birth, Joshua’s entire right arm was paralyzed. After three 45-minute Reiki treatments, Joshua regained 80 percent of his range of motion and feeling in his arm. He continued with a full recovery and gained complete use of his arm. I taught Brenda Reiki I so she could continue to give Reiki treatments to her son, too!

 Brenda Generali’s testimony I had heard some years prior to the birth of my son that Reiki could heal tissues through energy so I made an appointment with Therese Johnson. I took Joshua to Therese six times for Reiki treatments until we were told that Joshua would not need surgery and that he would have a full recovery. I think that without Reiki Joshua would have had to have tendon transfer surgery at Shriner’s hospital and he would not have normal movement. —Brenda Generali 2003-Colfax, CA

Client Case #2

                             JS came to me for Reiki treatments to relieve the side effects of seizures he was experiencing due to brain cancer (the same kind of cancer Senator Kennedy is currently battling). When I placed my hands on JS’s head, I could feel the seizures, but within ten minutes of administering Reiki energy the seizures would stop completely.

JS testimony As a five-year brain cancer survivor Therese Johnson’s work has been instrumental in my successfully fighting the side effects resulting from past surgery treatment. Johnson has helped me greatly in dealing with the fall-out from surgery, chemo and particularly radiation. —

JS 2009-Auburn, CA

Client Case #3

                             Joseph M. had been suffering from bi-polar manic depression. He had been self-medicating with methamphetamines for 20 years. This behavior had terrible results, including time in prison. He was 40 years old and wanted to heal, to be released from his dependence on drugs, and to experience real health. I gave Joseph a one-hour Reiki treatment, and his desire to take methamphetamines completely left him. I have no words to describe what occurred during his treatment. I was in absolute awe of the changes that took place and the healing power of Reiki. The changes in his energy field were immediate as the Reiki energy flowed through. He was ready to heal and he did.

Joseph M. testimony I have been clean and free from a methamphetamine 25-year drug addiction for eight years now ever since I received a Reiki treatment from Therese Johnson that helped me remove my desire for methamphetamines. —Joseph M. 2001-Auburn, Ca

Client Case #4

Jean Harmon Testimony Therese Johnson treated my hypertension with Reiki energy. When we started, my blood pressure was 200/89; within 20 minutes it was reduced to 132/79. Amazingly, the severe headache that came with the elevated numbers and high blood pressure also disappeared. —Jean Harmon 2009-Auburn, Ca

            I have treated hospice patients, eliminating their pain and the need to be on heavy doses of morphine for anywhere from 24-72 hours with one Reiki treatment. This allows for great relief not only for the patient but also for the family so that they can spend quality time with each other with the patient being able to be cognizant of his surroundings and family. Once the patient’s pain is controlled there is peace. Everyone relaxes when the patient is comfortable. I then show the family or caregiver how they too can continue to give Reiki energy, allowing them to become active participants in comforting the patient. It is a beautiful process that takes the fear and stress out of the patient’s transition. I teach Reiki classes to individual caregivers and Residential Assisted Living Community Caregivers so they can ease the suffering of seniors. Reiki has proven to be of enormous help in alleviating Alzheimer’s dementia behavioral problems.

For more information see my article on “Treating Alzheimer’s with Reiki” in International Reiki News Magazine 2nd Edition, or access it on my Web site.

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